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24 Hour Worldwide Travel Assistance
Medical Assistance Services
Travel Related Assistance Services

   Medical Necessary Expense
   Emergency and Accidental Medical Expenses
   Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
   Daily Hospital Confinement Cash Allowance
   Compassionate Visit
   Return of Minor Children
   Personal Accident
   Accident Burial
   Trip Termination
   Flight Delay
   Aircraft Skyjacking
   Flight Misconnection
   Loss or Damage of Baggage and Personal Effects
   Loss Personal Money
   Loss of Travel Documents 
   Baggage Delay
   Personal Liability 
   Automatic Extension 

Terms/Booking Conditions


1.    You can only covered under one policy for the same trip.

2.    Coverage commences five (5) hours before schedule departures and ceases five (5) hours  upon return to the usual place of residence for Domestic trips or return to the usual place  residence in the Philippines for international trips or upon expiry of the policy, whichever comes first.

3.   Maximum period of insurance (a) Single Trip - up to 365 consecutive days of any trip (b) Annual 

       Multi-Trip Policy.

4.    Eligibility from 2 weeks old to 80 years old Philippine resident.  For persons between 60 and 65 years old, subject to additional 50% premium amount (as per Premium Table); for persons between 66 and 75 years old, subject to additional 100% of premium

        amount (as per Premium Table).  For persons 76 to 80 years old, kindly contact, PGA for quotation

5.    Eligibility for the Family Plan:

       - Insured, Spouse and up to 4 Dependent children

       - Insured and up to 5 Dependent Children or Relatives 

        All Insured and Dependent Children or Relatives shall receive 100% of the benefit amounts as stated

        in the Schedule of Benefits, except in Personal Accident Benefit where each dependent child or

        relative will receive 25% of the Personal Accident Benefit of the Insured.

6.    Premium refund is not allowed once policy has been issued.

7.    EXCLUSIONS : Pre-existing conditions any injury or sickness contracted 180 days prior to the effective date of the policy) war (whether declared or not), acts of war, participation in illegal acts engaging in naval or military and air force service or operations, being employed as a manual worker or while engaging in offshore mining or in handling explosives, engaging in aerial  photography, any hitchhiking of backpacking, any prohibition or regulations by any government, pregnancy, childbirth

        or its complications, and mental and nervous disorders.


DISCLAIMER: The details above contains only a general description of coverages and is not a statement of contract.  All coverages are subject to the exclusions and conditions of the actual policy.